28th March: FRONTEXIT at the WSF in Tunis

Monday, 18 March 2013 20:22

Eight days after its launch in Brussels and Nouakchott, the Frontexit campaign will be given a new kick-off at the World Social Forum in Tunis.

More than 4000 organisations

Tunisia, the birthplace of the Arab Spring, will host the next World Social Forum from 26th-30th March. More than 4000 organisations and networks, including more than 1000 Tunisian NGOs, are expected by the organisers. With more than 1500 activities, conferences, workshops and meetings to be spread over 5 days, anti-globalists from around the world will meet at the El Manar campus of the University of Tunis.

Migrants rights, women’s rights, the right to food, the fight against climate change, debt, taxation of financial transactions, free trade agreements… These issues will be at the heart of the civil society debates which will be spread across several thematic spaces.

The Frontexit workshop

Within the FALDI space – the Forum of Associations for Democratic Struggles and Immigration which groups together 41 associations working on immigration and solidarity with migrants – the Frontexit campaign will be launched on 28th March (date to be confirmed) during the Frontexit workshop !

The workshop will give priority to the voices of African associations involved in the respect and protection of human rights, taking stock of the presence of Frontex in Morocco, Mali, Mauritania and Tunisia. The aim is to demonstrate, drawing on witness statements and expertise, the non-respect of migrants’ human rights during Frontex operations in these four countries.

The Frontexit workshop will also be an opportunity to present the campaign to a multi-continental audience, introducing its members, objectives, demands, activities and tools. Other methods of struggle and involvement, primarily promoting freedom of circulation, such as the ECOWAS campaign by the Loujna Toukaranke project, will also be presented.

A symbolic location

Besides the richness of the Forum’s meetings and debates, the participation of Migreurop, its partners and thousands of other anti-globalist movements will be a gesture of support to the men and women who, in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen and beyond, have had the courage of their convictions, have gone out into the streets, sometimes risking their lives, and have reminded us that another world is possible.

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