Frontexit is a grouping of associations, researchers and individuals from civil society of the North and South of the Mediterranean on the initiative of the Migreurop, coordinated by Migreurop and EuroMed Rights


The European Association for the Defence of Human Rights is a European network of more than 30 member organizations and individual members. Since its creation in 2000, it has defended and promoted Human Rights in the European Union. AEDH is committed to a democratic Europe, which guarantees the freedoms and rights of all without discrimination. It defends as well civic and political rights as economic, social and cultural rights.

AMDH (Morocco)

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights works for the preservation of human dignity, respect for all human rights in their universality, and for the protection and promotion of human rights

AMDH (Mauritania)

The Mauritanian Association for Human Rights works for the respect of Human Rights and economic, social and cultural rights in Mauritania and in the sub region

AME (Mali)

The Malian Association of Expellees works for humanitarian aid, medical and social assistance and the promotion of the rights of migrants expelled to Mali. The association has several local branches and a support group


The Association of Displaced Persons of Central Africa in Mali has the task of gathering and welcoming all the repressed / deportees who are nationals of Central Africa and living in West Africa, in order to consolidate the bonds of solidarity and mutual aid 

ARCI (Italy)

Associazione Ricreativa Culturale Italiana is committed to the promotion and development of the voluntary sector, as a factor of social cohesion, and calls for a civil and democratic commitment to defend peace, the rights of citizens and the fight against all forms of exclusion and discrimination.

La Cimade (France)

La Cimade is a French association of active solidarity with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. With its partners in France and abroad, it acts for the respect of the rights and the dignity of the people

CIRÉ (Belgium)

The CIRÉ is a pluralistic co-ordination structure bringing together 24 associations, which reflect and act in a concerted manner on issues related to the problem of asylum seekers, refugees and foreigners with or without a residence permit

CNCD-11.11.11 (Belgium)

The National Center for Development and Cooperation is a pluralistic coordination of civil society movements engaged in development and cooperation. Its three missions are: public inquiry, development education and financing of development projects through Operation 11.11.11

EuroMed Rights (Euro-Mediterranean network)

EuroMed Rights is a network of more than 80 human rights associations and institutions from nearly 30 countries in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Its mission is to promote and strengthen human rights and democratic reforms within the framework of its regional mandate and through mechanisms for networking, advocacy with European, national and international institutions in support of civil society

FASTI (France)

The Federation of Associations of Solidarity with Immigrants brings together 60 associations of activists who fight daily for the rights of migrants. FASTI is fighting for freedom of movement and settlement, the right to vote for all, the cancellation of Third World debt, and for real equality between men and women

FIDH (International network)

The International Federation of Human Rights brings together 164 independent human rights organizations in more than 100 countries. Promoting and protecting the rights of migrants is one of the priorities of the Federation

GISTI (France)

The Immigrant Support and Information Group is a French association that defends the rights of migrants and foreigners, fights racism and xenophobia and promotes freedom of movement

GADEM (Morocco)

The Anti-Racist Group for the Defence and Assistance of Foreigners and Migrants is a Moroccan association for the defence of the rights of foreigners and migrants and the fight against all forms of discrimination and racism

GRAMI-AC (Regional network)

The Research and Action Group on Migration in Central Africa invests in research, reception and assistance to migrants in distress, their defence and the flow of information on migration

LDH (Belgium)

The League of Human Rights fights, in complete independence from political power, the injustices and attacks on fundamental rights in the French speaking community of Belgium

Migreurop (Regional network)

The Migreurop network - made up of 47 associations and 55 individual members (activists and researchers) from seventeen countries in Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Maghreb and the Middle East - documents and denounces the policies and processes of Exclusion of migrants judged undesirable on European territory, and their consequences (confinement, expulsions, outsourcing of migration controls, violations of migrants rights). Its objective is to promote and defend the fundamental rights of people in migration


Founded in November 2011, the Platform of Senegalese Civil Society Actors for the Law of Migrants and Displaced Persons provides a framework for consultation, exchange and action aimed at reinforcing synergies between actors working on the issue of Migration and the protection of human rights in Senegal. It works to promote and respect the rights of migrants and displaced persons and to freedom of movement.           

PLN (Belgium)

PROGRESS Lawyers Network is a network of progressive law firms in Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent. Many lawyers in the network are active in defending the fundamental rights of foreigners.