Are you a citizen, an organisation or a teacher ?
Would you like to train and/or raise awareness amongst the people around you ?

Frontexit offers you its awareness-raising toolkit: training manual, brochure, poster, flyer,...

A collection of accessible and practical tools to discover and download below.

What is this kit for ?

You will find material in this awareness-raising kit which will allow you to :

  • broaden your knowledge,
  • organise a training day or an event,
  • hold an information stand, or any other awareness-raising activity.

Organise an activity

If you would like to get advice or if you would like us to lead information sessions based upon the kit, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To find out if an activity is being organised in your region, consult our news regularly !

A collection of accessible and practical tools to discover and download.

The brochure

Does the European Union respect its commitments with regard to migrants' fundamental rights when implementing its migration policy ? Is the European policy of closing its borders to migrants out of touch with current international migration issues ? We offer you the opportunity to deconstruct a number of popular myths by answering "true" or "false" to 10 statements.

Brochure True/False Frontexit:  [French] [Italian] [English] (2017).

The training manual (French)

40 pages telling you everything (or almost everything) you need to know about the structure of European migration policy, the activities of the Frontex agency and the issues arising in terms of human rights. A reference document for trainers and presenters, as well as for anybody who wants to inform themselves in greater detail about the subject of the Frontexit campaign.

Training manuel [French][Italian][Arabic], soon in English

Flyers and Posters

Frontexit poster

Frontexit flyer